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Increasing Tourism & Domestic Travel

Over the past few decades, tourism has experienced a significant growth as compared to any other industry worldwide. It is the fastest growing economic sectors in the world since globalization and privatization. These dynamics have turned tourism sector into a key driver for socio- economic progress in such a way that economies of a few European countries are completely dependent on tourism. In fact, the business volume of tourism even surpasses that of oil exports, food products and automobiles; and it has become one of the major players in international commerce. It is not only important for developed countries but is also one of the major sources of income for many developing countries like India.

Booming Tourism in India

Tourism has certainly increased whether inbound, outbound or domestic. Rising income and changing mindset have changed the spending tendency of millions of Indians. As a result, India has become world's 7th largest tourism economy. As tourism is one of the most booming industries, the government is leaving no stone unturned to juice out all the advantages of this growing sector. It is promoting domestic tourism through culture and heritage of various Indian states to attract tourists.

Another facet the tourism industry is that it generates a maximum number of employments directly or indirectly and is thus developing rapidly. In India, tourism is a much desirable economic sector. With the rapid growth in tourism, online travel agencies are also growing fast as they offer best prices on flight bookings, hotel bookings and local activities packages. Domestic airlines have become affordable due to high competition among numerous low-cost airlines and online travel agencies facilitating online bookings. People can select faster routes and cheaper tickets with the help of online booking agencies.